THE Solanki kings palyed very important role in the history of Vadnagar for more than three centuries. Mulraj Solanki, who founded the Solanki dynasy in 942 A.D., pushed back the Malva rulers from the region around Vadnagar. During the Malva occupation the city was much exploited and it had lost its glamour. Mulraj Solanki was a very able ruler. His long rule, which lasted upto 995 A.D., brought stability and prosperity to Gujarat. A golden period had begun for not only his capital Patan, but also for Vadnagar.

A number of new temples were built and the old ones renovated. A well planned market area came up on the southern side of the lake Sharmishtha. Roads were paved with stones. Wells and Vavs were constructed on the roads leading to the city for travellers.

Most of the stone carvings that one sees in Vadnagar today belong to the Solanki period.

Valuing the importance of the city, the Solanki ruler Kumarpal rebuilt the fort around it in 1152 A.D.

Almost till the end of the 13th century the city remained well protected under the Solankis and its trade and industry prospered. In 1297 A.D. the Delhi Sultanate conquered Gujarat. Vadnagar was attacked, looted, burned and its elite massacred by the army of the Sultan. The strong fort was of no use because the city had no army to defend itself.