Keki Ardeshir Dossabhoy born at Vadnagar September 8, 1947

ONLY Parsi in the whole world born at Vadnagar.

In the whole history of Vadnagar only one Parsi gentleman has the honour of being born at Vadnagar. To put it differently, in the entire Parsi community's history only one person could claim to have his birth in the ancient city of Vadnagar, the first capital of Gujarat. This gentleman with the unique distinction approached us after seeing "VADNAGAR - an ancient city" on the internet and put forward his claim.

In the beginning, we took it lightly. But we were confronted with hard evidence and there was no go but to accept his claim. Keki Kolah happened to be the son of an engineer who had worked at Vadnagar Electicity Company, owned by Sheth Mayabhai Mehta, in its early years. Keki even dared to give Vadnagar a quick visit travelling all the way from Mumbai. He was saddened by seeing the site of the collapsed Tower Library.