River Kapila probably looked like this.

RIVER KAPILA is associated with the ancient past of Vadnagar. More than 4,500 years ago on the banks of this river the first settlement might have taken place. The river originated in the Aravalli Hills, which were lush green in those times. It was not a very large river, but it sure was a perennial one. It created several large and small lakes along its way. One such lake was Sharmishtha. The river and the lakes nurtured life and culture. It was here that Chamatkarpur, the city of the Rishi Yagyavalkya, came into being.

At present the river Kapila has disappeared, but till the 1950s it used to flow at least in monsoon. Recent interest in the lost Saraswati has led to scientific research in the lost rivers of the western India. Satellite imaging of the region has provided evidence of existence of different land and climatic conditions in the region a few thousand years back.