LAKE Sharmishtha was a natural lake in the ancient times. It was fed by the waters of river Kapila. It was on the southeastern shore of the lake that the early settlement took place more than 4,500 years back. In the later period the shores of the lake were paved with stone steps and embankments. Also, a water feeding kund (pool) was built on the northern side of the lake with the objective that the rushing waters of the river in monsoon would not destroy the embankments. The feeding channel was so designed that the flow of water could be controlled through two locks at will. This pool is known as Nagdharo.


The entire complex – lake, pool, locks, and feeding channel – is a piece of high quality engineering. Built in red and yellow sandstone the whole set-up is in ruins today. Its restoration would certainly leave an invaluable marvel of engineering and glorious history to the future generations.

Was it this placid lake where Devayani and Sharmishtha met Yayati while bathing?

There are various stories associated with Sharmishtha. Was it the lake mentioned in the Mahabharata story of Yayati ?